Please note that you can purchase more than one VPN subscription under the same PizzaVPN account. Each of them will provide a unique VPN username and VPN password, which you can share with your friends, colleagues or members of your family.

Follow these steps to create the PizzaVPN App VPN account

  1. Login to the PizzaVPN website ( with your PizzaVPN account credentials
  2. Click on the "Shop" link ( to purchase one of the available subscriptions
  3. Pay for the selected subscription via FastSpring (our payment processor)
  4. Following the successful payment click on your "Name" and "My VPNs" ( to view your subscriptions
  5. Click on "Manage your VPN" to manage the VPN associated with the selected subscription
  6. Click on "Generate" to generate the VPN username and VPN password for the PizzaVPN app and VPN connections
  7. The system will generate a random username and password for the PizzaVPN app and VPN connections
  8. Use these credentials to login to our VPN app
  9. Use the app to connect to one of our many VPN servers
  10. Confirm your new IP address