PizzaVPN gives you the option to buy many subscriptions assigned to a single PizzaVPN account. You can hold different types of subscriptions, i.e.: you may choose to have a yearly subscription for yourself, and a monthly subscription for your relative. Each of these subscriptions will allow you to generate a separate VPN account (VPN username and VPN password).

You can cancel a specific subscription by visiting our PizzaVPN website and clicking on your name at the top menu and clicking on [My VPNs]. You will see the options to cancel a given subscription there. If you would like to cancel all your subscriptions, you have to do that one by one. The cancelation of the subscription happens at the end of the billing period. Therefore, as an example, if you cancel a 12-month subscription before the renewal process (i.e.: after 3 months) your VPN account will remain active until the end of the billing period. After that, it will get deleted. If you cancel your subscription, the auto-renewal will stop immediately.