Types of servers

We provide the following type of servers. The name of the OpenVPN config file provides a hint for the specific type of the server

  • VPN Servers - regular servers you can use to securely browse the Internet. Downloading Torrents on those servers is prohibited and blocked.
  • SmartVPN Servers - servers tapped onto our Smart DNS Proxy network, allowing the users to watch geographically restricted content. Users should use the SmartVPN Server closest to their location.
  • Torrent VPN Server - servers on which Torrent Downloads are allowed
  • Virtual VPN Servers - servers that mimic their locations to specific geographical locations, not always being physically present there.

OpenVPN Configs

Please find the updated set of OpenVPN Client config files below.

[Download] OpenVPN Config Files


You can use those to manually set up the connections to our network using the following OpenVPN software: